Monday, March 14, 2011

Facebook sells virtual junk for huge sums of money. Almost tens of millions of euros per year!

    The social services star Facebook has invented a simple substantial way to earn money, but it works beyond expectations. An investment company explains that Facebook earns a tenth of its total income from the sale of virtual "gifts".
    Facebook sold last year to users' Facebook gifts. " The gifts are small graphical images that can be attached to messages, and that you can give to others as gifts. 
    A gifts price is dollar apiece. Investment company, Lightspeed Venture Partners has studied how much the Facebook collects revenue from these small amounts. The results are surprising.
    Lightspeed explained that at the beginning of this year Facebook had reached about $ 15 million (about  10 million Euros) annual sales.
    Now, Light Speed ​​has made a new statement that sales have risen. Now, a Facebook virtual gifts, annual sales estimated to approximately 35 million dollars (around  23 million Euros). 
    Estimates are crude, but the sums involved are surprisingly large. Facebook is estimated that the annual income of this year, approximately 300-350 million dollars. Thus, Facebook earned more than a tenth of their income purely with web icons!